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Cruelty Free Glam

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A lot of the time, I hear people saying things like "it's natural makeup so it will give a natural look" or "you can't get that full coverage look with natural makeup". While the former can be true, the latter is definitely not. Using chemical-free, cruelty-free makeup should never mean that you need to sacrifice your glam looks!

I recently did this look on the lovely Megan to show that you really can go fully glam while treating your body, the Earth and the animals with respect. 

For this look I wanted to cover all the "glam bases". So we did fully extended and carved out brows, beautifully sculpted and contoured cheeks, highlight that pops, flawless full coverage skin and long, full lashes. 

So now you know, glam can be "green" too! So go forth and feel beautiful.


Alexandra Loughton

Product Details:

Eyes: Union, Rise, Beloved, Stone & Stillness eyeshadows. Paragon Twinkle Powder. Origin Eyeliner.

Brows: Stillness eyeshadow & porcelain concealer.  

Skin: Ivory Full Coverage Foundation. Porcelain concealer. Ivory & Pearl Pressed Powders Mixed. 

Cheeks: Sunbeam & Sunkiss Pressed Bronzers. Paragon Twinkle Powder (highlight). Desire Blush.  

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