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Eyeshadow for your Eye Colour: Blue

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! often hear clients and fellow Elate lovers asking, "how can I refresh my makeup routine?". The biggest key for your makeup to look fresh is to find the colours that work with your complexion and skin tone. You can easily amplify your amazing eye colour by using certain colours! In this series, I will be demonstrating how to make your eyes pop using complimentary colours. 


If your eyes are any of the blue tones (sea foam, blue, deep blue and grey) this is the one for you! The complimentary colour for a deep blue is yellow/orange, so we will be playing with these tones for your eyes. Colours to look for are ones that are warm and rusty with gold highlights. Some gorgeous shadows with this tone are Soulful, Lithe, Quintessence, Kindle, Rise, Quintessence and Oracle. If you're a fan of sparkle, pair the golden Ethereal Twinkle Powder, or Fairy with your shadows. A beautiful trio using these shadows would be: Soulful to neutralize the eye lid, Lithe to highlight and Rise in the crease. For more ideas using these colours, head to my "Simple, Sunset Smokey Eyes" blog post!


All of the shadows I have mentioned above can be incorporated into any type of makeup look! So whether you prefer a very natural or very glam look, your eyes will always sparkle. 

-Ali xo

PS: If you find that you're an "in between" eye colour or you just want to learn about the colour wheel, this link is to my favourite interactive colour wheel! Happy playing!,0.8409798675466025,1,0.07611562533550575,0.015074245645296025,1,0.12442892673039907,0.06657962459383793,1,0.7,0.5890192284311069,0,1,0.8520118379132834,0.06657962459383793&swatchOrder=0,1,2,3,4

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