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The Summer Edit Inspiration

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At Elate, our collection themes have always followed a pattern of growth. Our last photo shoot for Spring 2017 was named the Bloom Collection. The inspiration behind this collection was all about opening up and being authentic to who you are. For the Summer Edit 2017 I wanted to use Bloom as a jumping-off point. Taking the idea of self-authenticity to the next level brought me to think of the incredible moments in youth when you feel genuinely unstoppable. Confidence, power and attitude were three key words during our planning. 

The Summer Edit 2017 products include a number of re-releases as well as a brand new limited edition eyeliner, Spry. All of the colours in the Summer Edit are bright, fun and scream summer. As soon as I saw the colours all together I knew that they would tie in perfectly for the vibrant, youthful shoot! 

The looks were a combination of current beauty trends, such as Taylor's green graphic eyeliner, and the 70's inspired trends we are seeing in beauty and fashion. The 70's theme was tied into the hair styling as well as with the rounded shape of Savannah's electric blue smokey eye. Bright pops of colour appear boldly on the lips in stunning, vibrant shades of orange and lavender-pink. 

The lifestyle shots show two young, powerful women owning their beauty and their attitude. The lifestyle photographs were taken in a barber shop that has been running for more than 50 years here in Victoria. The quirky colours and old school vibe of the shop called to me and it worked perfectly with all our themes! 

This shoot was a blast to put together! I hope you enjoy the final product xoxo


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