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Giving Back: The benefits of planting trees with One Tree Planted

When it comes to sustainability, it goes well beyond the ingredients of a product to truly fulfill Elate’s sustainability mandate. What happens after you receive an Elate product is just as big of a priority in our process to fully transpire to sustainability. That’s why at Elate Cosmetics, we donate 2% of total sales to charities, 1% going directly to environmental organizations innovating the way we live on this planet. 

Together, we've planted 8698 trees this year!

Why One Tree Planted? 

One Tree Planted is an organization that we have partnered with by planting one tree on your behalf, with every Elate order.  

As an environmental charity, One Tree Planted is dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, fight climate change, protecting biodiversity and helping reforestation efforts around the world–all with the benefit of planting trees. 

Starting in 2014, they have more than doubled the number of trees planted year after year through their non-profit organization. Fast-forward to today, One Tree Planted now works with reforestation partners in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa who help them get trees in the ground to restore forests after fires and floods, create jobs, build communities, and protect habitat for biodiversity. 

The benefits of planting trees

It might be pretty clear why we are passionate about planting more trees on the planet with the increase of detrimental forest fires and human induced deforestation happening in the world; but we thought we would share a few of the benefits of our initiative in planting trees. 

Trees not only help clean the air we breathe, they are crucial for the health and well-being of ourselves, the planet, and those we share this planet with:

  • Trees filter the water we drink
  • Provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity
  • Absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere
  • Capture rainwater and reduce the risk of natural disasters like floods and landslides
  • Young trees support animals such as black bears and various bird species
  • Trees cool down cities and towns by up to 10 F by providing shade and naturally releasing water
  • Large tree prevent stormwater from polluting oceans by filtering rainfall and allows water to enter the earth by seeping  into the soil

We are grateful for organizations like One Tree Planted, who share our passion for making the world a better place than how we found it.  

If you are interested in donating to One Tree Planted directly, donate here, or shop your favourite Elate essentials to have one tree planted on your behalf. 

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