The Next Step in Elate's Sustainability Journey

The Next Step in Elate's Sustainability Journey

Sustainability is not a destination. It’s a journey. The next phase in our journey features several sustainable packaging innovations we know you'll love. Thanks for joining us as we grow and evolve. 

We began this journey 7 years ago, driven by our vision - a world without single-use cosmetic packaging, and every step we take is in this direction.

How can we balance sustainability and high performance? The answer is simple: it's all about the user experience of the product - this is what drives our design decisions, and ultimately allows us to make a more sustainable product every time we make a change. We focus on progress, not perfection.

This next phase of Elate packaging is a shift to lower waste - to move us closer to a closed-loop system of packaging. The lightning bolt hit and we realized - circle pans are wasteful - we literally cut corners. The next iteration of packaging helps us reduce waste by:

  • Moving to square pans in order to save materials and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Updating our refill cases to be made with compostable waste material that is more durable to ensure your product gets to you intact.
  • Upgrading the sizing of the bamboo palettes you know and love to fit your square pans perfectly.

What has not, and will never change, is our commitment to empowering you to create a Capsule Beauty ritual. To buy less, but better, reuse and refill.

At our heart, we are a sustainability company that also happens to make a damn fine lipstick. Join us in our pursuit of conscious consumption, refill over recycling, and making the world a better place every morning - just by putting on makeup.

-xo Melodie, Elate Founder & CEO

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