As we are dancing closer to the rush of the holiday season, it can be easy to forget our daily sustainability routines as we focus on celebrating the holidays. Did you know that trash production increases 25% near the holidays*?

We encourage you to seek new ways of celebrating this season in a sustainable way.

“Because a healthy planet is a gift we can all celebrate.” - source unknown.


Gift-giving becomes more special with recycled or reusable gift wrap, which can feel like two gifts in one. Save your newspapers, paint your shopping bags, use old fabric, twines and dried flowers for a thoughtful solution to traditional gift wrap or consider giving a consumable gift.
Gift a bottle of wine, fresh baked goods, olive oil or chocolates (yes please!) - these can be given with recyclable bottles or reusable wrappings.

With sustainability in mind, we have created beautiful gift sets for anyone on your list, including yourself.

The Elate Amplify Kit comes packaged in a plant-able seed paper box and is thoughtfully curated, containing Elate essentials.

For the ultimate intention-setting gift, nothing is more meaningful with the Elate Ritual Box Sets, These gift sets come in a few varieties, and are packaged with care in a reusable bamboo box.

Boil vegetable scraps like onion skins and peels to make a soup base, add lentils, chopped carrots and any left over vegetable to make a hearty soup. 

Turn your stuffing into patties (how unique!), or when in doubt - simply make a delicious casserole!

Ritual Holiday Gift Sets


Make a list and check it twice, build up a menu and buy what you need. Consider your recipes to use the entirety of your ingredients - think of “root to stem”, using the entire vegetable or fruit in your dishes to ensure less is thrown out, however if it's inedible - be sure to throw it in the compost! If you have leftovers, there are many creative new ways to repurpose previously enjoyed dishes.

Instead of using the microwave, the Elate Community has provided some great tips on what to do with what you have. 


Stick with what you have. Holiday décor trends are great, but they don’t have to be followed. Better yet, old décor is great for nostalgia especially if handed down for generations. We are big advocates of DIY and love seeing our community repurposing daily items as fun and unique décor. You can create tree ornaments with souvenirs, paint and stack old books in a festive way to fit your theme or repurpose old candle jars. Spark joy and have some fun with your decorating and create a space that reflects your personality!