Guided Meditation for your Beauty Rituals

Melodie meditating in guided meditation

This guided meditation empowers you to lean into your morning and evening beauty rituals from a place of ease, breath and self love. You will be encouraged to pay attention to your breath as you send love to the areas of your favourite features of your face and body through visualization, gratitude and appreciation. The music and words spoken here are solely intended to support your self care rituals.

Elate Cosmetics · Awaken-Guided Mediation with Elate

Click here for the guided meditation for deaf and hearing impaired


We encourage you to listen to this recording during an uninterrupted time in
your daily rituals. Morning or night, this meditation provides you with easy
and effective guidance to empower your own self love as you prepare or
complete your personal beauty rituals. If you cannot avoid other people
around, noise-cancelling headphones are highly recommended.

Please do not listen to this while driving.


Jennifer Zylstra is a professional hypnotherapist and owner of The Answer Within Hypnotherapy. Whether helping clients reinforce their good habits or work towards understanding and overcoming their persistent challenges, Jennifer’s open-minded and warm approach allows clients to explore their vulnerabilities in a comfortable and effective environment. Change can be easier than we think!