Tranquil Capsule Beauty Kit

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Bamboo Blending Brush
Bamboo Blending Brush
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Simplify your beauty rituals with this kindly-curated Capsule Beauty Kit to compliment your eyes and complexion with ease. From neutral day-looks to bold nighttime glam, these 4 Pressed EyeColours are all you’ll need to create any desired look.

This palette includes one Bamboo Capsule Palette

4 Pressed EyeColours, and has the option to include a Pressed Cheek Colour.

Pressed EyeColours Included in this Kit:

Union: a matte cream tone with a bright finish

Sweet: a medium pink with warm undertones

Cinder: a matte grey brown

Oracle: a versatile matte brown with warm hues.


Elate Capsule Palettes are made of water treated bamboo and will fit any Elate magnetic pans. EyeColours come in recyclable aluminum pans

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