Beauty Ritualist Program

Receive rewards for your beauty rituals – because every sustainable choice you make creates a universal impact.

How it Works

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Earn Gratitude points

Start shopping, donating and referring your friends to earn Gratitude Points.

Enjoy abundant rewards

From intentional gifts to simple surprises, you deserve to be rewarded for every effort towards a sustainable future.

Earning Gratitude Points

Celebrating your birthday

You deserve to be celebrated. Receive a special discount and 50 Gratitude Points to use toward your next purchase!

Making a Purchase

Every time you replenish your beauty rituals with an Elate product, you’ll receive 1 Gratitude Point for every dollar (USD).

Writing a review

By leaving a review of your favourite Elate products, you receive 10 Gratitude Points.

Joining the elate list

Subscribe to the Elate newsletter and receive 25 points — on us.

Sharing the Love

Refer your friends with your own personal link to earn 50 Gratitude Points!

Tiered Rewards


Earn 0 Points


Earn 200 Points


Earn 400 Points

Birthday Gift
Redeem for Rituals (Trade in Points for Savings)
Unique Experiences & Seasonal Surprises
Early Access & Gifts of Gratitude

* A maximum of 500 points ($25.00) can be redeemed at one time. All Beauty Ritualist Points will expire after one year.

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