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How to Clean Makeup Brushes at Home

Caring for the beauty tools you already own is an important part of a sustainable beauty ritual. When you make an intentional effort with the things you use every day, they last longer, while removing the need to buy more items to replace them.

How cleaning your makeup brushes keeps your makeup clean

The benefits of keeping your sustainable makeup brushes clean for your skin is most likely a given; ie.  keeps excess oil off of your face to avoid inflammation and blemishes. But, did you know that keeping your brushes clean also helps maintain your sustainable makeup in its best condition? 

When your brush is applied to your face it transfers oil from your skin to the compact-product you’re using in your beauty rituals such as Pressed Foundation or Pressed Cheek Colour. This can create a thin layer on the top of these products that require to be lightly scraped off.  By keeping your brushes clean and free of this excess oil, your products keep their integrity for the best application possible. 

How often should you use a brush cleanser to clean your makeup brushes?

We recommend that you clean your makeup brushes at home at least once a week if you are using them daily, or at least after 5-7 uses. A few of our Elate team members love the ritual of #SundayBrushUp, where every Sunday they wash their entire brush set to start the week off fresh. Tie this ritual into your Sunday morning routine as you’re waiting for your coffee to make it extra special.  

Elate brushes are created with sustainability and quality in mind. They are meant to last with the proper care by keeping them clean and dry. We often get asked what to use to clean Elate’s sustainable makeup brushes so we are excited to share with you, our new Brush Cleanser. 

Elate Brush Cleanser

Elate Brush Cleanser evolves your makeup brush cleansing routine into a beautiful ritual with the invigorating essence of rosemary and rose geranium as it removes makeup residue and conditions the fibres of your brushes. In return, your makeup is applied smoother as your skin stays free of unwanted bacteria.  

Don’t let the size of the bottle fool you; one bottle has approximately 278 uses!


How to clean Elate Makeup Brushes with Elate Brush Cleanser

Cleaning your Elate Makeup Brushes after 5-7 uses can be done within minutes. 

  • Group your brushes together in your hands based on the products you use them for (foundation and concealer together, eyes and brows together, cheeks and bronzer together) with the fibres facing downward 

  • Dampen them under warm water

  • Apply 1-2 drops of Elate Brush Cleanser on each brush and swirl in the palm of your hand to lather

  • Place them under a thin flow of running water to rinse as you massage the cleanser into the fibres of the brush

  • Repeat until water is clear

  • Lay flat to dry at the sink, letting them hang off the counter to properly dry overnight

(For sustainability purposes, remember to turn off the water as much as possible during this process)

To shop or learn more about our Makeup Brushes and Elate Brush Cleanser visit our collection page.

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