Elate x Pact Collective

Empty, clean, mail, repeat

We believe we’re each responsible for the waste we create—and that includes every foundation, mascara and lipstick we make at Elate. We've partnered with PACT to ensure all of our packaging is recycled responsibly. Simply love your Elate, empty it, clean it and mail it- or return it to any participating in-store location.

Get rewarded with $7 off your next order.

Elate covers the collection and recycling fee. You pay a $7 shipping fee. You'll then receive a $7 discount code for your next Elate order as a thank you for helping us close the loop on hard-to-recycle beauty packaging.

3 Easy Steps

How it works

Step 1

Save your empty, hard-to-recycle beauty packages (see recycling guidelines here.)

Ready to get started?