2021: Year in Review

2021: Year in Review

At Elate, we take creating sustainable makeup collections to new heights. In 2021, we focused on discovering new ways to add joy to your rituals while complementing your low waste journey.

Another year has come and gone with new rituals and old ones finding their way into our daily practices of self-care. In this spirit of putting ourselves first and taking special care so that we can always be our best selves, we’re highlighting our launches of 2021!

At Elate, we take creating sustainable makeup collections to new heights. This year, we focused on discovering new ways to add joy to your rituals while complementing your low waste journey.


In January 2021, the world was getting cozy with their best Bernie mittens and folding chairs.

We were getting ready to start the year with the launch of our Unify Loose Powder collection. True to its name, Unify is a loose powder for keeping your cream and liquid complexion products in place.

As an added benefit, it can be used on its own mixed with your favourite facial oil for a light coverage foundation.

It has ingredients your skin will love like kaolin clay and argan shell powder. With five shade ranges in three finishes, Unify is the mineral makeup powder to finish your look.


In the spring of 2021, the world watched as the royals sat down for a face to face with Oprah. (We recommend Raven Brow Balm to recreate the Duchess' impeccable brows, and to keep yours in place during all the draw-dropping interview moments.)

In March we encouraged you to Revive your Rituals with the launch of our Awaken Skin Support collection. This launch brought us our famous Prep Primer, Replenish Beauty Oil, and Revive Eye Makeup Remover Balm. These products are a powerhouse on their own, and even better together.

They provide the essential support needed to care for your skin with safe and effective ingredients in minimal and low waste packaging. They support your skin to heal, protect, and hydrate in the most sustainable and ethical ways.

In true Elate fashion, all of the items in the Awaken Skin Support collection are multiuse items!

In addition to a hydrating makeup base, Prep works wonders as an overnight serum in your skincare rituals. Replenish mixes beautifully with Unify Loose Powder for that lightweight skin tint, and Revive doubles as an overnight under eye balm.

April saw the launch of Amplify, our collection dedicated to giving back in the spirit of kindness and community.

The Amplify Initiative allows our community to come together to increase the effect and efforts of Elate’s Impact programs on a local, national and global level.

100% of the proceeds from the Amplify Collection goes toward the current charity supported by our Amplify Initiative to advocate for positive change locally, nationally and globally all year round.


We did our best to stay focused on our busiest launch season with all the excitement for the return of Bennifer 2.0 and the thrill of the Tokyo Olympics. By the way, we’re all living for that golden sun kissed glow on display during the relaunch of Bennifer. (We recommend Unify Bronze for your own take on this look.)

The season started with #abettersummer where we launched a reformulated Better Balm in June. Our nourishing lip conditioner expanded into a skin-protecting and tinted(even) Better Balm loaded with vitamins and two new ingredients; Carrot Root Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil to moisturize, regenerate, and protect the lips.

Our Beauty Ritualist gratitude program came in July. It is a tier-based rewards system born out of gratitude - a way for us to say thank you to our beautiful community for allowing us into their own beauty rituals every single day.

As a Beauty Ritualist, you can earn Gratitude Points for every purchase, referral, review, donation or other value-based efforts.

Later in July, we introduced Brush Cleanser to turn your makeup brush cleansing-routine into a new kind of ritual. The first step in a sustainable ritual is taking care of what we already have in an effort to make things we use everyday last a little bit longer, reducing the need to replace them as frequently.

In August, we launched a collection of our most timeless and abundantly loved Elate products, pared down and simplified. They are the products that lay the foundation for your low waste beauty rituals season after season.

We called it our Simplified Essentials collection.

Elate’s Simplified Essentials is the true essence of capsule beauty. A philosophy rooted in being intentional with what we bring into our environment in order to focus on the integrity of our values and reduce excess waste.


For some, autumn is all about the change of the seasons. For the rest of the world, it’s the season for the launch of Taylor Swift’s Red album…re-recorded.

We rounded off the year with a few more launches of our own with all the feels from All Too Well (10 minute version, of course). We recommend our LipColour Pencil in Coy for that red lip classic T. Swift style.

Starting with a collection inspired by the shades of the season, playfulness, and curiosity; Evolve featured a set of EyeColour Pencils and an EyeLine pencil in lustrous tones to make your mark and define what statement means in your beauty rituals.

In September we introduced you to our Simplify Sustainable program to make it easier to recycle your Elate products. With this program, we expanded our range of refillable products to include our best selling Prep Primer and Refresh Foundation.

Simplify Sustainable also allows you to send your empty packages back to us for recycling. We even reward you with Beauty Ritualist points for helping us to close the loop on our packaging while making more sustainable choices.

Our final launch of 2021 came in the form of a seasonal collection to inspire joy and wellness.

Essentially Yours is for honouring yourself through self-love and self-care. It is about allowing luxury into your rituals. It is about creating moments filled with joy that uplifts spirits. Essentially Yours kits are a collection of our most timeless and abundantly loved Elate products, pared down and simplified to make these moments effortless.

We want you to take care of yourself first so that you can be your best self, always.

Wow, what a year it has been! We’re so excited to be on this journey with you!

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