From Clean Cosmetics, to Simply Elate

From Clean Cosmetics, to Simply Elate

Elate has grown up a lot since 2014. We have seen lots of changes within the industry and this is a nod to that evolution. While our values haven’t changed, we have become more clear on where we want to go.
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Elate started from very humble beginnings in 2014 with a mission to change the world, one lipstick at a time. We were at the forefront of the sustainable cosmetics movement with big ambitious goals. We have come a long way since creating our first low waste makeup product with ingredients that are both vegan and cruelty free, and our mission has not wavered. Not even a little bit.


Where we started: Elate Clean Cosmetics


With a passion for sustainability and 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, our founder Melodie, created a company with a simple message: our daily choices create global impact, and choosing ethical products means a more positive result. This is the concept behind Elate Cosmetics' environmentally friendly makeup

We are changing the world by creating high performing vegan cosmetics that are refillable, with an ethical supply chain and sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We know that there is no such thing as zero waste makeup, but we are on a perfectly imperfect journey toward a world where there is.

From what started from unpacking a simple lipstick that was covered in more waste from it’s packaging than any single product should have been, Elate has become a reference against which others can measure their progress when we took home this year’s Beacon Award for Sustainability Champion.


Timeless Luxury that Emanates Nature's Textures


Elate has grown up a lot since 2014. We have seen lots of changes within the industry and this is a nod to that evolution. While our values haven’t changed, we have become more clear on where we want to go and we are working towards a circular, closed loop system.

This is an opportunity for us to realign with you, our readers, our customers, and our fellow sustainability advocates. We’re here to redefine what is possible in sustainable beauty.

We are just as curious as when we started. We are curious about our future. We are curious about how we can do things differently, and do them better. We are kind, and in kindness there are rituals to discover. We are committed to our communities. We are empowering them to grow stronger together. We are talking about our product’s lifecycle to find new ways to be even more sustainable and kinder to our planet without compromise.

These are some of the milestones we’ve reached in seven years:

  • We have focused on creating Capsule Beauty Rituals of pared down Simplified Essentials to reduce waste
  • We have shifted to using pencils made with low environmental emissions and COSMO CERT ingredients for a positive impact on the planet
  • We have become B.Corp certified
  • We launched an Amplify Initiative that is committed to kindness in our communities
  • We have launched a Beauty Ritualist tier-based rewards program out of gratitude to our beautiful community
  • We have launched a Simply Sustainable program to take back our empty packages

And we’re only just getting started.


Where we’re going: Simply, Elate


We’re putting on a brave new face to take us into the next phase of evolution within our company. We may look a little different; that is intentional, like the rituals we encourage through the use of sustainable makeup.

Over the next few months, you’ll notice different colours, patterns and textures gracing our website and social media pages - as well as our products.

These changes are intended to reflect our unity and commitment with our environment that we want to bring to the forefront. These changes are earthy. They are a refined blend of timeless luxury that emanates nature's textures.

If you’ve followed Elate for a while, we encourage you to join us in this infinitely exciting journey forward to see the changes we’re making.

If you’re just joining us, we welcome you with open arms and hope that we can fulfill your curiosity of what brought us together. Stay curious and be empowered as we go on this journey together.

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