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Read along as we journey towards our mission of a world without single use cosmetic packaging

From Clean Cosmetics, to Simply Elate
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From Clean Cosmetics, to Simply Elate

Elate has grown up a lot since 2014. We have seen lots of changes within the industry and this is a nod to that evolution. While our values haven’t changed, we have become more clear on where we want to go.

About Elate

It started with everyday rituals

With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, our founder Melodie envisioned a healthier future for the industry—one unmarred by shame-based marketing and single-use packaging. One that embraced inclusivity and advocated for sustainability. One that recognized the potential for everyday rituals to make a global impact. Elate? Let’s just call it Melodie’s vision in the making, all made possible by a team of fellow beauty-obsessed, sustainability advocates.