2022 In review - Elate's top 5 moments

2022 In review - Elate's top 5 moments

As 2023 unfolds in front of us at Elate, we’re taking a moment to look back at the most delightful moments, and products of 2022 —from our Brand Refresh (hello square pans) to earning carbon-neutral status!
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As 2023 unfolds in front of us at Elate, we’re taking a moment to look back at the most delightful moments of 2022 —from our Brand Refresh (hello square pans) to earning carbon-neutral status!

What is top of mind for us at Elate HQ? Read on for the top 5 moments last year for sustainable beauty - and for what we look forward to this year! 

5. The Reveal Collection

Neutral lip pencils for every skin tone! A really good nude lip is essential for every beauty bag - and we wanted to put an Elate spin on this look. With 5 neutral and nude shades, there was something for everyone. With this campaign we tried something new - we asked our ambassadors to apply the pencils blindfolded!

4. Golden Hour 

With the success of our Skin Support series, 2022 saw the launch of my personal daily beauty oil formula- Golden Hour.  I developed this oil back in 2015, and use it every day and wanted to share my favorite product with the Elate family. 

The best part of your day. Your rituals, your way. Your morning movement/coffee/journaling. Your afternoon tea, your phone call with a friend, your after-work cocktail, your evening routine, putting your skin to bed. When it comes to the ‘best part of your day’ we are there. Supporting you from your beauty bag. Supporting your skin through all of life’s changes and challenges. Helping you glow from the inside.

Now that image is worth celebrating for sure!

 3. Square pans + a new look!

Elate turned 8 in 2022, and we know that as we evolve, so do our customers. With an updated and fresh look, we launched a major packaging shift as well - new more robust glass and sustainable ashwood for our foundations, and square pans for our pressed and creme products. This shift not only eliminates the shipping waste caused by circles (the empty space between products counts for more than you can imagine) but we updated our formulas, and realigned our values with our suppliers. Being square never felt so good. 

2. Partnering with Pact

Our commitment to reducing waste was never stronger than in 2022 - when we partnered with Pact Collective to divert even more waste from the landfill. Pact is a non-profit recycling program founded by beauty industry pros. The created Pact specifically to recycle hard-to-recycle beauty packaging while also driving new packaging design by working with brands, and designers to make packaging more sustainable from the start.

Learn more about PACT here: https://elatebeauty.com/pages/recycling

1. Launching Mascara in Glass tubes

The ultimate goal for Elate is always to make amazing products that surprise and delight our customers while having minimal impact on the planet. Mascara, lip gloss, liquid liners - all of these items generally come in hard-to (or impossible) to recycle packaging. We were making awesome products - but didn't feel good about the package they came in. With glass tubes and a reusable wand - this new Essential Mascara  packaging is not only beautiful but sustainable as well! 

Empowering people to make sustainable choices for their daily rituals has been at the core of Elate's mission from day one. With each innovation, we move closer to the vision of a beauty industry held accountable for the waste we create and a world without single-use packaging. 

Thank you for your support through 2022 - as we move into 2023 expect more fun, more joy, and more love - all wrapped up in a sustainable package. 



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