How to Find your Foundation Shade: Elate's Foundation Sample Kits

How to Find your Foundation Shade: Elate's Foundation Sample Kits

To find your Elate foundation, choose the foundation sample kit of your choice and your shade range from Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Deep or Deep. It’s that simple.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of purchasing a foundation? Does your heart rate climb even further when thinking of purchasing a foundation online?

We completely understand this, which is why we offer Foundation Sample Kits!
To find your Elate foundation, choose the foundation type of your choice and your shade range from Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Deep or Deep. It’s that simple. If you are looking to find a completely new foundation than you are familiar with, or if you are unsure of your shade, our amazing online Customer Support team can assist you in creating a custom Sample Kit to include a variety of foundation types before investing in a full-size product.

If you feel comfortable choosing the foundation type, simply choose the product’s sample in the drop-down line for “size”, and choose your shade level. For instance, if you are interested in the Uplift foundation (medium-full coverage) and have a medium skin tone you would be receiving shades UN5, UW6, and UN7.

Finding your Foundation Shade

Your foundation sample kit will arrive in a reusable and biodegradable post-consumer paper tube. Inside will be three 5 ml samples in reusable and recyclable aluminum tins.


Foundation Sample Kit


Before applying the foundation samples, grab a mirror and position yourself close to a window with some natural light for the most accurate match.

  1. Open each tin and arrange them from left to right in order of shade level deepest-lightest or lightest-deepest, ie. UN7, UW6, UN5.

  2. With a clean finger take a very small amount of the sample on the left and make a “tiger stripe” near your mouth by wiping the product from the middle of your cheek down toward your jaw line.

  3. With another clean finger, take the middle sample shade and make the same stripe a step back from the first line you made.

  4. Make the last stripe, which will be closer to the middle of your cheek, using the sample on the right.

  5. Lightly blend these stripes into the skin using your fingers or your Elate Blending Brush.

If you would like your foundation to be the exact same shade as your skin you will know which shade is yours when it seems to disappear into the skin. If you wish to be a deeper or lighter shade use your discretion, after all your beauty is uniquely yours. Once you've found your shade, grab your full size foundation!


clean foundation sample

Don't Let your Unused Foundation Sample go to Waste – Multi-use.

When you have found your perfect match and discover you now have 2 shades that are not for you, do not fret about the potential waste; instead, rethink their uses.


clean foundation sample
  • Did you find that you were the lightest shade? Keep the shade one level above for when you are in warmer weather and getting more Vitamin D. This shade may become yours in the warmer months. Use the deepest shade as a natural contour.

  • Did you find you were the deepest shade in your trio? Use the lighter two as a subtle highlight or to colour match during those months when it is colder and you aren’t getting as much sun.

  • The sample tins can be cleaned out and used as travel-size containers or recycled after their full use.

How many Applications are in each Foundation Sample Tin?

Sample sizes roughly last 2-3 uses, depending on the amount you use. This is a great time to discover how your new foundation works into your beauty routine.


clean foundation sample

Our Customer Support Team is Here for You

When in doubt, you can reach out to our customer support team for on demand consultations. This is also a great time to try on your sample foundations and receive help to verify your decision.

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