Your 2022 Horoscope Predictions

Your 2022 Horoscope Predictions

I don’t know about you, but 2021 for me was a bit… hectic. Thankfully, the stars are saying there are a lot of great moments (in beauty and in our personal lives!) to look forward to in 2022. Here is what may be in store for you depending on your sun sign.

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Hi, I’m Keara! Since I have three astrology apps on my phone and am always willing to explain someone’s birth chart, I have become Elate’s resident astrologist. I don’t know about you, but 2021 for me was a bit… hectic. Thankfully, the stars are saying there are a lot of great moments (in beauty and in our personal lives!) to look forward to in 2022. Here is what may be in store for you depending on your sun sign:


Aries - Revere

This is your time to be the main character and “find out who you really are,” as 2022 will be all about the exploration of self. Find new ways to explore your beliefs and values, and trust your intuition as it will be developing even further this year. For Aries, 2022 is about making new connections, finding new ways to have fun, and showing the world who you truly are.

For a fun fire sign, Revere is the perfect way to express your bold self. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright or deep shades this year!

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Taurus - Indulge

2022 is the year for starting new rituals that will enhance your future. Expect it to be a big year for growing personal connections - you’ll be surprised to see how the projects you take on will lead you to new people and opportunities. Find something you personally connect with and just wait and see how it positively impacts your life! Basically, put in the work in your daily practices now and you’ll see big payoffs later this year.

Taurus’ are iconically indulgent, so adding a sustainably made high quality Indulge LipColour pencil to your beauty routine is the perfect way to enhance your rituals while supporting your values.

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Gemini - Ardent

Geminis, you are in the spotlight in 2022! Expect your career, personal projects, and connections to amplify this year as your creativity will come out to play. Find joy and pride in what you do and the world will watch in admiration.

Ardent is the perfect LipColour shade to bring you from work to a fun evening with friends, so you can sparkle wherever you may find yourself this year.

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Cancer - Serene

This year is all about balancing being down to earth and daydreaming for Cancers. Expect changes to happen with your personal relationships and ambitions, and be prepared to go with the flow. 2022 will be like your gap year - explore new ideas and connections that come up, take a new class, and think about what you want to do in life.

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Leo - Coy

Leos, expect to feel more flush this year as money will be drawn to you! Combining resources or managing resources of others could pay off in a big way. People want to help and support you this year - let them. Working with those close to you will make for some unexpected fun!

Draw people to you visually by wearing Coy, a poppy red that’s as bold and bright as you are.

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Virgo - Immerse

Virgos will be learning some life lessons from relationships this year, but don’t be scared! You’ll be building some really fulfilling relationships with people, just enter them with your eyes, mind, and heart open. Be prepared to get vulnerable, as this is the year for fostering closeness and kindness. Share that inner secret you have been holding on to!

Get deep with your LipColours as well. Immerse is a beautiful deep neutral that will enhance your true self.

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Libra - Thrive

Hey Libras, it’s time to Marie Kondo your life! 2022 is your year to get organized and to find joy and growth in the work that you do. Create the rituals that serve you joy and ditch the rest, and you’ll attract positive growth in your personal health, relationships, and your career.

You can explore minimalism in your beauty bag too! Thrive is a great light neutral shade that works beautifully on your lips, cheeks, and eyes.

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Scorpio - Infinite

After living through the dumpster fire that was 2021, you deserve to have some FUN. Live your life like you are Naomi Campbell and it’s the 90s, and everyone around you will see you as the superstar that you truly are. But in all seriousness, if you take the time to play this year, you will radiate a beautiful energy that will likely attract someone special.

Bring that 90s energy back to life with Infinite, a deep toned neutral that would look just as perfect in 1992 as it would in 2022.

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Sagittarius - Prim

While Sagittariuses usually crave travel and adventure, this will be your year of nesting. You may experience a lot of joy in developing your personal decorating style and spending time with loved ones, but remember to get outside and take a breather if you get overwhelmed! There may be some unexpected twists in your career and love life, so make sure your home base and daily rituals are well set up to support you no matter what life throws at you.

You don’t have to completely abandon the wild side of yourself this year! By applying Prim to your face, you can carry that free-spirited energy with you wherever you go.

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Capricorn - Honour

2022 is a big year for career and personal development, Capricorns! Usually you are the most grounded of the zodiac signs, but you can expect to dream big and take risks this year. Let go of the fears and anxieties that are holding you back, and create plans to go after what you really want.

Show the world how confident you really are with Honour, a gorgeous medium toned neutral that enhances your natural beauty.

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Aquarius - Enigma

After almost two years of pandemic-related uncertainty, it’s time for you to find some comfort and relief. You can grow your confidence by expanding on your skills and boosting up your finances - get that emergency savings account built up! By focusing on home life, family, and challenging your fiercely curious mind, you will see a lot of positive change in your life.

Put that mind to good use and explore all of the ways you can apply a LipColour Pencil. Enigma, a pearly pink, can work as a lipstick, a blush, and even an eye colour!

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Pisces - Darling

For our Pisces friends, 2022 is all about feeling good - inside and out! You may usually find yourself with your head in the clouds, but this year you’ll find yourself seeking out bold new adventures down here on earth. Put yourself out there, whether it’s a road trip or a job promotion, and expect to see people providing just the opportunities you were hoping for.

For a fun, confident look to show off your good vibes, turn to Darling! It’s the perfect neutral red that is sure to capture some eyes.

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I hope this creates a little excitement for the year ahead! As with all astrology readings, I recommend holding on to what you resonate and leaving behind what you don’t - what’s most important is to listen to your intuition and identify what your needs are. That also goes for your beauty rituals. In 2022, let’s all focus on creating the rituals that make us feel good. We all deserve some extra joy!




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