Finding your Perfect Lip Shade

Finding your Perfect Lip Shade

Have you ever opened your beauty bag to find a bunch of lipsticks you have not finished? Or do you struggle to find one that you like enough to purchase? Let's find the right shade for you!

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With these simple tips, we will demystify the process to find your perfect lip colour.

Before we can talk about finding the right shade, we need to talk about your style! Even if a shade is perfectly suited to your skin and lip tone, it might just not be your cup of tea style wise. For years, my makeup artist friends would always convince me to buy the ‘perfect’ shade of red for myself - but I just wasn't that into reds at the time, so they sat unused.

Here are a few quick tips to determine what your current style is (keep in mind, this can change!):

Take a moment to consider what is the makeup look you wear most often - as in - if you only had 5 minutes to get ready, what would you be putting on? Here are some descriptions of what your go-to look might entail.

  1. THE NATURAL: The no-makeup look: Clean skin, neutral lips and a swipe of mascara.
  2. THE BOLD LIP: More natural than made up—but always with a pop of colour on the lips.
  3. THE ROMANTIC: All around romantic—more than a natural look, less than a dramatic look.
  4. THE DEFINED EYE: Flushed cheeks and a light lip colour play up dramatic, defined eyes.
  5. THE FULL FACE: A full face of makeup, from full-coverage skin to defined eyes and a bold lip.

The look you gravitate to the most will be your best bet to find your forever lippy. You may have more than one style you are attracted to, and that is totally okay! If your budget allows more than one lip colour, opt for a neutral and a bold to cover all your bases.

The next step to choosing your best lip shade is to identify the undertone of your skin. You could be warm, cool or a mixture of the two, called a neutral undertone.

Cool Undertones: You're cool-toned if you have a pink, red, or bluish hue to your skin. You can tell your undertone is cool if the veins in your wrist look blue, or if your skin tends to burn in the sun before getting a tan.

The best lip colours for cool undertones have a blue or even purple undertone to them. When going for a red lip, veer more toward deep bluish-reds (like a cherry red) rather than an orange tone. For neutral lips, you can enhance the natural tone of your lips with a rosy nude, or a pink beige for a natural look. Think Better Balm for a totally subtle lip with hydration built right in!

Your Best Cool toned Lip Pencil Shades: Enigma, Thrive, Ardent, Prim, Revere

Warm Undertones: You're warm-toned if you have a yellow, golden, or olive hue to your skin. Your undertone is warm if the veins in your wrist appear green, or if you tan before you burn.

The best lip colours for warm undertones are warm shades. Think bold oranges, brick reds, and terracotta browns. Going for a subtle look? Correspond your lip tone with the lipstick shade. For instance, if your lips are light, go for a pale nude, if your lips are deeper go for a rich nude.

Your best warm toned Lip Pencil Shade: Coy, Indulge, Darling

Neutral Undertones: You're neutral-toned if you have a mix of pink and yellow tones in your skin. Your veins will appear a mix of blue and green.

For your neutral undertone, a wide variety of colours will work. Pink hues for fair skin, mauve shades for medium skin, and berry colors for deep skin.

Your best neutral toned Lip Pencils : Serene, Thrive, Honour, Infinite, Immerse

No matter what, you should always choose a lip color that lights you up! If a coral or a purple calls your name, rock it! Remember, YOU make the rules for your beauty.

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I have several of your lip pencils and looove them. All that’s missing IMO is a bright and bold raspberry/fuschia pink for summer. Please?? 😘

I have several of your lip pencils and looove them. All that’s missing IMO is a bright and bold raspberry/fuschia pink for summer. Please?? 😘

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