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Sustainable and Ethical Beauty Brand-The Values behind Elate

With every decision, there is an impact made-not only on the individual but on the environment, and those we share this planet with. 

We are a vegan beauty brand that has high standards for the products we offer; however behind the brand and within the brand...we are humans. Humans that recognize that kindness is not just about being nice, kindness is about the opportunity to make a positive impact on everyone and everything, and empowering others to ‘pass it on’ and affect greater change. 

From our supply chain, vegan ingredients, sustainable packaging and ethical business practices, we understand that we each have the power to contribute something to the world with positive impact.

Let’s take a look at what that means….

What does vegan beauty mean?

You will never find animal-based ingredients nor will the process of ingredients involve animal-derived elements of any products found on our site. That goes for beeswax, lanolin, collagen, or any other animal based ingredients.  

We prefer many other plant-based ingredients that have the same-if not more-benefits for our skin and bodies without the harm of our favourite animals. 

What does cruelty free beauty mean?

From ingredients and formulations, to the final product, we will never condone testing on animals for the sake of selling a lipstick- and we only partner with suppliers that practice the same cruelty-free ethics. With the vegan ingredients we use in the making of our cosmetics, we are fully committed to testing on humans only-PERIOD. 

To learn about cruelty free beauty visit and shop products that are certified with this logo…..

Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free cosmetics 

What does sustainable beauty mean?


When it comes to our ingredients and packaging, sustainability is at the forefront. We will always recognize the effects we are making on every individual and choose the least amount of impact on the environment

All of our compactstools and palettes are made from water-treated bamboo, making it good for you, your products, and the environment. Unlike most timber, bamboo is a self-regenerating natural resource, meaning new shoots appear annually to ensure production continues after individual culms are harvested. This creates sustainable supplies for the wood and cellulose industries.

Refillable cosmetics prevents single-use, therefore prevents excess waste from filling up landfills. We encourage consuming less, reusing more, and recycling whenever possible-yes, we’re a vegan beauty brand that actually encourages you to consume less! 

When shopping sustainability look for this logo on your products….

Sustainable Cosmetics

What does ethical beauty mean? 

At Elate Cosmetics, we  never compromise the health or wellbeing of any person, community or animal on this planet.  The working conditions throughout our entire supply chain to the exact source of an ingredient, we will never take advantage of any human, animal or the planet. 

We receive a lot of questions asking if we are an organic cosmetic company, so we thought we’d explain what this looks like. 

75% of our ingredients are completely organic. So why not 99% organic to be certified from the USDA? We will always choose fair trade over organic ingredients if we are unable to have both. It is important to us that every person involved in the making of our cosmetics is treated ethically and fairly. 

Mica is a the mineral behind the sparkle and shine of many cosmetics, however this mineral has often been under scrutiny for poor working conditions and implementing child labour in the mining of this ingredient. 

This has never been acceptable at Elate Cosmetics and never will be. We ensure that the mica used in Elate Cosmetics is sourced ethically through fair trade from suppliers who are active members of the Responsible Mica Initiative. This holistic initiative is committed to a fair, responsible and sustainable mica supply chain that prohibits the use of child labour and poor working conditions. These suppliers provide access to improved educational resources for children, better health care and alternative means of livelihood to reduce economic dependency on mica for the villages.  

We are proud to be in the process of becoming B-corp accredited. This means that we abide by the regulations of impact on workers, customers, community, and the environment using sustainable development goals as a benchmark. As the process is lofty and thorough to become B-corp certified, we’re on our way there! 

As a company, we recognize our privilege from where we stand. With this understanding we choose to donate 1% of our sales to charities and community organizations that align with our core values to support communities locally and around the world. 

Our commitment to following these ethics and practices in our supply chain, the vegan ingredients we include into our products, our sustainable packaging and ethical business practices, we acknowledge that we each have the power to contribute something to the world with positive global  impact.

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