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Sustainable Packaging: Refillable Universal Creme

Have you ever been excited to use a new beauty product without sustainable packaging, to then dispose of the excess waste for that blush or lipstick–longing for a more sustainable solution? 

That’s exactly the foundation of what inspired Melodie, Elate’s founder and CEO, to create Elate’s sustainability mandate and the first refillable compact product–Universal Creme in ‘Love’ with many more to come.

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Refillable Blush compact

Sustainable packaging: Water-Treated Bamboo

The first thing that catches the eyes of people when searching Elate Cosmetics is the bamboo refillable compacts for Universal Creme Cheek Colour and palettes beautifully engraved with the Elate logo. Not only are these sustainably packaged compacts aesthetically pleasing, they have been durably-designed to last, preventing single-use. Once the bamboo packaging has lived its life cycle, the bamboo can be composted because it has been water-treated; not chemically-treated. 

You will notice that once you receive any sustainable beauty product from Elate, it will be free of wasteful packaging–that goes without saying for the Universal Creme as well!  Any minimal packaging used will solely be to protect it during the shipping process.

Refillable Blush in Recyclable Pan

Once you have your refillable Bamboo Blush Compact, it’s time to explore your sustainable beauty options! Universal Cremes are pressed into a recyclable aluminum pan that clicks right into the Bamboo Blush Compact with the help of a small magnet. When the product is finished, simply pop out the aluminum pan and recycle it with your household recyclables.

Plantable Seed Paper Packaging for Refillable Universal Creme

Now it’s time to refill the compact with your Capsule Beauty cheek colour, or try a new shade! 

Universal Creme refills are sustainably packaged in plantable seed paper envelopes for a waste-free alternative to conventional packaging. Pop the blush refill into your refillable compact and plant the seed paper envelope to grow U.S. and Canadian-certified non-invasive wildflowers!  Alternatively, our seed paper packaging can be composted.

Seed Paper packaging

How to Apply Universal Creme

Apply Universal Creme on, above, or below your cheekbones with your fingertips or Elate Cheek/Contour Brush–this depends on your preference of blush, bronzer, or highlighter.  
As a multi-use product, Universal Creme can also be applied on your lips and eyes as well. By using one product – three different ways, increases its sustainability innovation!

Watch Elate's Lead Educator apply Universal Creme these three ways here!
Having sustainability being one of the core mandates at Elate means we are committed to innovating new ways to minimize waste. Our refillable Universal Cremes is one way we can bring our community a low-waste option in their beauty rituals.

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