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As a makeup company focused on low waste packaging we are beyond excited to be able to offer our community something that they have asked for. We are taking the guesswork out of how to recycle your makeup containers, and are ready to take you along on the journey of closing our product loop. We are launching a recycling program called Simplify Sustainable. 

This program allows you to send your items back to Elate so that we can make sure they end up in the right places after they have been well-loved by you. Not only can you send us your empty packages to be recycled, but you can also have them refilled right here at Elate. That’s right, refills are now available for some of our best sellers, including Refresh Foundation and Prep Primer

We are also rewarding you for making the choice to help us ensure your empty products are kept out of the landfill. When you return at least three empty containers to Elate, you will earn Beauty Ritualist points for using the products you love, while doing something good for the planet.


Cosmetic Products Lifecycle - Who is Responsible? 

We are daring to be responsible for our products long after they have left our warehouse because its journey doesn’t end there. We don’t want our customers to be responsible for our products’ lifecycle.

While we have worked hard to educate our customers about best practices for our products’ end of life, we have only done half the work. Educating is an absolute necessity and something Elate will always continue to do, and now we are taking it one step further. We are asking you to close the loop with us. We are asking you to send your items back to us so that we can take responsibility for their proper disposal.

We are incredibly grateful to be based in a community with so many resources that allow this to be possible. We are elated at the opportunity to be able to offer a recycling and returns program to our customers.

Currently, this program is available in Canada. We are preparing our team to handle this shift while we take steps to ensure that we are using the best resources available to us. Once we have this part of the process taken care of, we look forward to expanding our recycling program to Elate customers in the United States in  a few months.

 At Elate, our goal is to make progress everyday that will take us to where we want to go - a future with no single-use cosmetics packages .  We still have a lot of work to do, but we are taking steps to get a little bit closer to a place where there is less waste. We are setting the example of how things can be different, and how we all have a part to play in making the changes that we want to see happen. 


How to recycle your makeup containers

We have made the process easy, because we want to Simplify Sustainable. You no longer have to wonder how to recycle mascara tubes, and other hard to recycle low waste items. Send us your beauty, makeup and skincare product packaging; we will recycle your containers, or refill them to be loved by you again.  

  1. Head over to the Simplify Sustainable page on our website
  2. Select the items that you want to recycle or refill
  3. Send them back to us and wait patiently for your refilled items to make their way back to you
We’ve done the hard part, now you get to complete the process and reap the benefits. Although, we are all reaping the benefits of a cleaner environment that we can watch thrive.

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